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Student Support

Student Support

At HIC, you never have to deal with your problems alone. We have a friendly team dedicated to giving you the help you need, from financial advice to confidential counselling.

HIC Student Services

HIC provides many support services that will help you achieve your goals. During your studies, you will have access to services offered by both HIC and the University of Hertfordshire.

We encourage you to use the support services available and to contact the HIC staff for advice and assistance as soon as you are having difficulty with anything. Remember that HIC is here to help you.

The Student Support team looks after all of our students’ needs. The team is responsible for:

  • helping you enrol in your pathway
  • assisting with your registration at HIC and the University of Hertfordshire
  • orientation programmes
  • student welfare
  • study skills training
  • learning support
  • English language support
  • disability support
  • assignment assistance
  • social activities

University of Hertfordshire Student Hub

In 2015, we opened our new Hutton Hub at the heart of the College Lane Campus, right next door to the Forum. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of our student support services, so if you’re ever unsure who to ask for advice, just pop in. It’s home to:

  • Student Centre
  • Careers, Employment and Enterprise
  • Study Abroad Office
  • Campus Pharmacy
  • University Medical Centre
  • Student Wellbeing
  • Occupational Health
  • Student Support
  • Students’ Union
  • Santander bank

There’s also the Hutton Lounge, where you can relax, meet friends or study as a group. The building’s open daily from 07.00 to 22.00 and you can find opening hours for each support team at www.ask.herts.ac.uk.

The Student Centre

Our Student Centre team is on hand to make sure your time at university runs as smoothly as possible. They can advise you on a whole range of issues, including applying for courses, finance, funding, accommodation, council tax and renewing your visa.


The University Medical Centre

As well as help when you’re feeling unwell, our modern GP practice offers expert, confidential advice on any health worries. Don’t forget to register when you start university.


Students’ Union

The Students’ Union is here to represent your interests and their Advice and Support Centre offers free, confidential help with personal, academic, social and health issues.


Chaplaincy and religion

Based at the Key, our University Chaplain leads a multi-faith team, supporting the whole University community. We also have student-led societies based on a whole range of faiths. Find out more at www.go.herts.ac.uk/chaplaincy.

Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing team offers free, professional, confidential counselling and mental health advice, as well as workshops and self-help resources. If you have a disability, they can help you access tailored support to help with your studies.