Physics, Astronomy & Mathematics

Ranked 25th in the UK for Physics in The Guardian University league tables 2017 with a teaching quality score of 95% the school of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics (PAM) is an amazing opportunity to expand your knowledge. The school has some excellent facilities such as the Bayfordbury Observatory, which is often regarded as being the best teaching observatory in the UK!


It holds tight links with the Institute of Mathematics and the Institute of Physics and all of their courses are accredited by the respective institutes giving students a great prospect upon graduation.

Stage 1:
University Foundation
Stage 2, 3 & 4:
Bachelor's Degree
Physics, Astronomy & Mathematics

BSc (Hons) Astrophysics

BSc (Hons) Financial Mathematics

BSc (Hons) Mathematics

BSc (Hons) Physics


Fee Type Stage 1: University Foundation Stage 2: First Year Degree Studies


One semester: £8,500
Two semesters: £11,950







Stage 1: Two semesters

Stage 2: Two semesters


Stage 1: September and January

Stage 2: September

Stage 1: University Foundation


Semester one
  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication (ILSC)
  • Principles of Computing
  • Mathematics 1
  • Physics 1
Semester two
  • Mathematics 2
  • Physics 2
  • Programming
  • Statistics

Progression rule to Stage 2

Minimum 50% pass mark in all modules except ILSC which is 60% with minimum 85% attendance required across all modules.

Stage 2: First Year Degree in Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics


HIC provide subject specialist skill progression classes during integrated first year degree.


Students need to pass all modules to progress. All students study 8 compulsory modules and 1 skills module for 120 credits.

Progression rule to Stage 3

Minimum 40% pass mark all modules with minimum 85% attendance required.


Employment & career options

A physics or mathematics degree opens up opportunities for careers in industry, teaching, telecommunications, computing and research. The analytical skills you’ll gain are also highly valued. A small selection of careers that our previous graduates have pursued are financial consultants, business analysts, engineering consultants, programmers, statisticians, credit analysts, meteorologists, environmental analysts, teachers, actuaries and much more.

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