Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

Navinsure – A Future Worth Protecting

Introducing our first student insurance policy that allows for a claim in relation to a UK Student Route visa refusal. Providing increased peace of mind for families and minimising financial risk during these uncertain times.

Key Benefits

  • A claim can be made if a visa refusal is received under no fault of the applicant*
  • Increased protection for those beginning their studies online**
  • The ability to ‘pause’ a policy if a student needs to return home temporarily***

Q: What does the policy cost?

A: £350 for a 14-month period


Q: Where can I find policy details?

A: Please refer to the summary of cover {links below – new window} for full information.


Q: How do I purchase the policy?

A: If you wish to proceed and purchase this policy, you should indicate this in the relevant section of your acceptance form (in your letter of offer). Once you have paid your fee, you will be provided with full policy documentation to read and store safely for future reference.

If you have already accepted your offer and indicated that you would like to opt in to the insurance, you will receive an email from us directly. You will be asked if you want to proceed with the purchase based on the enhanced policy information.


Q: When is payment due?

A: To avoid additional bank transaction fees, we recommend that you pay the Navinsure fee along with your course fee deposit. Even if you pay after the 1st August, the policy start date will remain fixed.


Q: When will the policy start?

A: The policy coverage will commence on specific dates linked to your chosen intake. The start date of the policy is earlier than the intake date – this allows important aspects of pre-departure to be included within the policy.

For students joining us in September/October: 1st August 2020
For students joining us in January/February: 1st January 2021

NavInsure summary of cover



* Refusals on the basis of finances, documentation errors or fraud will not be covered. Where a student receives a relevant refusal, the claim will cover a maximum of £9000. Navinsure policy fee will not be refunded.
**The policy allows a claim of up to £5,000 for unused and irrecoverable costs if a student has to cancel travel plans and delay their arrival in the UK. In addition, students can start studies online with the peace of mind that if they later receive a visa refusal, under no fault of their own, they can make a claim for payment already made for fees.
***If a student needs to pause/defer their studies after their coverage has commenced, their insurance coverage can be paused. The insurance can then be switched on again once the student recommences their studies but it must be activated no more than 12 months after pausing it. Whilst the insurance is paused, cancellation terms continue to apply.