Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

Current Student FAQs

Updated 21st December 2020

Latest UK Government COVID-19 Updates: www.gov.uk/coronavirus


Q: I am due to return in January 2021 for the next semester. What is the enrolment process? 

In line with COVID-19 safety measures, HIC is carrying out the January 2021 orientation and enrolment process fully online.

Instead of enrolling face-to-face, you are asked to complete an enrolment questionnaire and then submit documents via email. Please visit the relevant section below for pre-enrolment instructions and further orientation information:

Returning students - January 2021

If you have any questions with regards to enrolment, please email hic.collegeservicesHIC.@hic.navitas.com.


Q: How is HIC supporting current international students?

A: Students are sent frequent emails and should be checking Moodle on a regular basis to access advice, support and the latest information.


Q: How is HIC supporting students who suspect they have COVID-19?

A: Students should stay at home and isolate, inform HIC and submit a mitigating circumstance form to HIC. Students on accommodation should inform their roommates immediately and call 111.


Q: As a current student in the UK, are Covid-19 diagnoses and treatments covered by the NHS Health Surcharge?

A: All lawful, non-visitor migrants to the UK gain access to the National Health Service and medical treatment free at the point of use. This includes treatment that is medically required in relation to Covid-19.


Q: I am having issues paying for next semester fees, can you help?

A: Please contact HIC so that we can come up with a payment arrangement or a Financial Agreement.