Accepting your Offer

How to apply to study at HIC

Step 1: Complete the HIC Application Form

and send it with supporting documents -- including your academic qualifications and English test results and Passport -- to HIC or your HIC representative (Certified translations must accompany documents that are not in English)

Step 2: Receive an offer of admission

from HIC via email within 48 hours (Standard application process for approved applications)

Step 3: Accept the Offer

by paying the course fee deposit indicated on your offer of admission and returning a completed Acceptance form to HIC (You can make payments via bank transfer, international bank draft, debit card or online)

Pay your fees online

Step 4: Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS)

HIC will provide you with the CAS that is required for your visa application once your place is fully confirmed.

Step 5: Receive visa support information

HIC will send you the information required to apply for your UK student visa (Student Route)

Step 6: Apply for your visa

Full details on the visa application process can be found at (You must notify HIC once the outcome of your application is confirmed)

Step 7: Arrive in the UK

HIC will help arrange your transfer from the airport and your accommodation, as well as providing a full orientation before classes begin (You should notify HIC of your arrival details so that we can make these arrangements) You are required to bring with you the original certificates on which your offer was made.

Online Airport Pick-Up Form

Step 8: Start the first stage of your studies at HIC

and complete your degree at the University of Hertfordshire

Credibility Interview

The UK Government recently announced that many students will be interviewed as part of the student visa application process to provide further assurance that applicants granted a visa, do intend to study in the UK.

We have prepared a short video explaining the credibility interviews, please take a moment to watch the video.

Click here for more info

Applying to HIC

Apply Online Today!

Or send your completed Application form and documents by mail, email or fax to:

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