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We are delighted to showcase a range of works from our Hertfordshire International College Creative Arts students. Using techniques and skills learned at HIC, these examples highlight the originality and imagination that we actively promote and look for in our students.


Jealousy, Jealousy. Music Video - Anna Urbon Nurgos

Directed by and starring Anna herself, this video uses several filming and editing techniques to create a visually stunning and creative piece. Watch here

INSIDE OUT- Daniel Kabirwa

The photography, filming, script writing and voice over is all covered by Daniel Kabirwa in this piece that covers PTSD and mental health. Watch here

On The Couch- Bekzhan Yerekenov

Bekzhan creates short animations with characters performing various actions like running and interacting with each other.

Collection of Work – Darshil Bharat Chondigara

This collection of work displays a number of photography and graphic design techniques that take inspiration from nature and old concert flyers from the past.

Collection of Work – Harsh Singh

Using a range of drawing and painting techniques to create various works, Harsh has produced multiple pieces of art on paper, card and canvas.

Seven Moments in Sci Fi History – Isabella Tillmann

Using skills from conceptional design, illustration, and graphic design these examples are taken from a larger collection of work. Isabella has reimagined seven different episodes of Black Mirror as retro comic book covers.

Collection of Work- Karina Mun

Through illustration and drawing techniques Karina displays her personality through the inclusion of nature and colourful aspects (Right). Karina also illustrates her take on a comic book cover called “The Last Hope”.

Collection of Work- Maria Lobashkova

Maria’s portfolio takes inspiration from a Russian horror novella book cover (Left) to her own imaginative pieces that display a mix of techniques such as digital art and hand drawings.

Collection of Work – Pedro Correia Carvalho

Pedro cleverly manipulates photography and graphic design techniques to produce these unique pieces that warp reality and create optical illusions.

Big Blue Bird – Frederico Rossi

Frederico directs and performs in this music peace entitled ‘Big Blue Bird’. As part of the ‘Sleeping Whales’ collective, this track is an example of his original songwriting and talented performing. Watch here

Collection of Work – Laura Moura

Fashion Design student Laura creates unique clothing concepts from a number of textures, patterns and materials in this collection.

Filmography & Photography- Hanna Smolskaya

Behind the lens, Hanna directs and shoots photography and film for the School of Creative Arts. She also finds time to shoot for UH Racing and has created a number of promotional pieces for beauty brands in London and Belarus. Watch here